Pod #2 has arrived from Door to Door Storage… a really great company that, with one relatively minor exception, has been a pleasure to work with.  Our rep, Victoria Jensen, has been fantastic.  So if you use them, be sure to ask for her.

Right now, my wife and I are packing and trying to close on a house, all while wrapping up a major project for a great partner.  Too much fun to handle, all at once.  Awesome.

Anyway, I thought I would list the top 10 things I will miss about Seattle.  You may note that a lot of these are related to two of my favorite hobbies — food and drink.  Eh.

  1. Trader Joes — great, quirky grocery store that just grows on you.  I've progressed from spending $0/month on groceries there to a solid $150/month, and it isn't like Trader Joes is a big place with tons of merchandise.  But what they have is consistently great.  Hopefully they will get around to opening one in Austin.
  2. Great Startup Community — Seattle in 2008 feels like Austin felt like in 1999.  Tons of people doing great things, supporting each other, selling companies, recommending friends, etc.  Austin isn't quite where Seattle is today, but hopefully I can help make it a better place.

  3. Top Pot Doughnuts — sure you can get a Top Pot doughnut in most Starbucks, but there is nothing quite like the original.  The glazed old-fashioned is what I term "the perfect coffee doughnut" — there is no equivalent companion for a great cup of coffee anywhere in the world.  That's right, it's that good.  The Double Trouble is also pretty darn good for you chocolate lovers.

  4. Great public transportation — the bus system is pretty darn good here.  It isn't quite a subway, but it is fairly reliable and fairly clean.

  5. Alaskan Amber beer — consider it a more consistent, perfectly balanced Fat Tire. 

  6. Seasons — granted, I'm talking about 3 sunny months then 9 months of gray & cold & rain.  But the fall feels cooler and it actually arrives in late September as it probably should.

  7. Proximity to mountains — now I am not a big winter sports guy, but it is nonetheless nice to know that you're only about 90 minutes away from getting your fix.  Snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, etc. are all nearby.

  8. Great Thai/Indian food — there are exceptional Thai & Indian food restaurants everywhere here, and there is no doubt I have taken it for granted.

  9. Views of Rainier - on those rare sunny days, the view of Rainier is breathtaking.  And you can see it at some point along the way on the I-5 southbound, the 520 Westbound from Redmond, and the 520 or I-90 Eastbound from Seattle.  Amazing especially considering that it is ~75 miles away as the crow flies.

  10. Day trips — from Seattle, you have easy access to Canada, Portland, Orcas Island, etc. — all are great day trips within a few hours.  If you go to Orcas, you get to take a ferry, which, I must admit, is insanely cool.

Later when I am perhaps in a bad mood, you'll get the 10 things I won't miss about Seattle :-)