CMOs and Marketing Tech Panel at SXSW

Com here us talk at SXSW

I wanted you to know that I and other senior marketers have submitted a panel for SXSW Festival about marketing technology and agency interaction.

Your vote for our panel will help us get selected to present at the Festival.

This is a very competitive process.  There are 3000 panels submitted this year […]

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Benefits of Social Advertising

Why Social Advertising?

Social advertising has been around much longer than social media: before the advent of online social networking, companies took advantage of real-world relationships, word-of-mouth, and social cues in advertisements to promote business, all of which are considered means of social advertising. Savvy marketers know that social advertising is an essential type of promotion […]

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Location, location, location

You are riding in your car, scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, as the average person does dozens of times a day. Blending right into your feed is a promoted post for your favorite auto repair center. Just a minute later you look up from your phone and, sure enough, you are driving right by it.

Coincidence, […]

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The Move to Digital

Digital ads are  projected to make up one quarter of all global ads by 2016, and that number will only continue to grow.  Just in the U.S, digital ads have almost reached 30% of total ads, and the UK reached the 50% milestone last month.  Digital ad spending has steadily increased every year for the […]

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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Google first released Adwords in October of 2000 with the headline “Have a credit card and 5 minutes? Get your ad on Google today.”

At the time, Yahoo Search Marketing was the dominant search engine ad vendor. But Google then rolled out two brilliant innovations: PageRank and Click-Through Rate (CTR). By demanding relevance in the pay-per-click […]

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Facebook 2015 - Algorithm Changes & Brands - Part I

I’ve had a lot of questions from partners and customers alike about Facebook News Feed algorithm changes recently announced and due to hit in January 2015. Facebook is going to tweak its algorithm to reduce exposure of “overly promotional posts” — examples of which are below. I thought I’d take some time to clear up […]

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Talking Facebook & Programmatic Advertising at ad:tech NYC

Next Wednesday, I will be on stage at ad:tech NYC to debate the merits of Facebook advertising with my brilliant friend, April Wilson. I thought I’d take a few minutes today to talk about the state of the industry as a guy who has worked in digital advertising on and off for 16 years - from […]

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Our acquisition of Offergraph

It’s an exciting day for us today, as we announced that Polygraph has acquired Offergraph. I thought I’d add a little color to the press release that covers the basics of the deal.

As we’ve worked with clients and partners over the last year, we’ve come to the conclusion that corporate, consumer marketers

want real-time views into […]

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FBSS12 Presentation on Social ROI, Measurement, Analysis

This is the presentation I gave last week to the Facebook Success Summit about Facebook ROI, the right KPIs, measurement, and analytics.  It is dense, so be forewarned… but perfect for the data-driven marketer, CMO, marketing manager, or really anyone trying to add the right numbers to "opinions" that still inexplicably drive many marketing decisions. […]

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Lasso: Press & Progress

Howdy everyone - I thought I'd share a few quick updates on our company while I have a few minutes on an Easter Sunday evening.First, as part of our soft launch, we've renamed our platform to Lasso™ to better reflect what we do.  The idea is that we help local businesses and local media companies alike find […]

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