Social Data

Polygraph Score – Polygraph has collected over 5 years of data across hundreds of thousands of brands and their interactions to discover social engagement that works. We have turned this algorithm into the Polygraph Score, a true measure of social engagement. Tracking your Polygraph Score reveals how your content and messages are resonating with your audience, and the ways that you can extend your reach.

Real Time Business Intelligence – The content you share on social platforms impacts your customer service, revenue and other business metrics. Polygraph’s data analysis enables you to see, in real time, how your content is trending and to understand how it will impact your KPIs.

Campaign Impact – Polygraph’s flexible and easy to understand reporting enables you to accurately measure the impact of your campaigns. In the past, companies had to rely on vague measures of marketing success. Now you have the opportunity to make data-driven decisions and accelerate your message’s influence.

Social Analytics

Profile Analytics – Polygraph’s analytics platform knows the messages and brands that people are talking about and engaging with. We are also able to analyze behavior patterns across millions of connections to help you understand the sentiment around your brand, message and advertising. Polygraph acts as your admin account to every brand out there, allowing you to see where your competitors are gaining traction or stumbling.

Competitive Battlegrounds – Polygraph uses Natural Language Processing to identify conversations and activity in your key battlegrounds, no matter how general or specific they are. We can show you where you’re winning, where you’re trailing and what can be done to increase your lead.

Hyper-Local Engagement  – Businesses with multiple locations use Polygraph to understand how their campaigns are working all the way down to a specific city block. It may sound incredible but we are able to measure your engagement success for every store. With this unprecedented accuracy you can now make better decisions about where to direct your resources.

Programmatic Advertising

Integrated Platform – Polygraph’s integrated social marketing and advertising platform uses natural language processing to harness the power of actual conversations at scale. Using Polygraph you are able to find who is having conversations that resonate with your messages and narratives. Our analytics engine discovers which of your messages resonate with your audience. Then our programatic advertising application delivers your message to the right people at the right time, for maximum impact at minimal expense.  Only Polygraph has delivered a seemless end-to-end solution for your social marketing.

Omnichannel Integration – Your narrative doesn’t exist in a vacuum and neither should your social marketing. Polygraph’s integrated social marketing and advertising platform enables you to easily synchronize your messages with the rest of your operations. Whether it’s timing, geography or inventory, Polygraph delivers the flexibility to merge your marketing activities and build upon your cross channel marketing.

External Triggers – You can’t be everywhere at once, but Polygraph can be there for you. Keeping an eye on your competitors, the local news or even the weather, we know your messages resonate stronger when they are tied to what’s important in your customers’ lives. Our integrated marketing and advertising platform can pay attention to these changing information source, and more. When various activities occur we can adjust your marketing and advertising to maximize its impact. No other marketing platform is this powerful, flexible or easy to use.