Thought I'd put in a quick blog update… my wife and I have just moved out of our Seattle apartment as we continue our cross-country move.  Selling, donating, giving away, boxing, and shipping stuff is really a pain in the ass, especially when the move is 2500+ miles away.  And especially more so when you have to leave 4 days earlier than you expected.

It would all be a little easier if service providers would just do their jobs & show up when they are supposed to do so.  I'm still in love with Door-to-Door Storage even though their pods are tiny and their claim of "no hidden charges" is absolutely false.  Conversely, I'm "in hate" with the company we originally hired to ship our car.  The shipment of our car is still an unresolved issue with my departure taking place in three short days, so it's a bit beyond stressful right now.

Add to that the fact that I had a place to stay for my last few days fall through so I am staying at a highly rated roach motel in Des Moines, Washington.

And add to that the fact that I have two very big customer/partner meetings in Seattle on Thursday and Friday… we have to keep advancing despite everything else that is going on.  The good news is that we are making a ton of progress, so this may be ironically the easiest part of the entire late September/early October moving/company building process.

But hey — I didn't have to do this.  I could have watched Rome burn from the confines of a comfortable office in Redmond.  Geesh.