Our Polygraph Reports are the most comprehensive analysis available on the success of Facebook Pages.  We collect every interaction that has taken place on a Facebook Page and analyze the data to answer tough questions that marketers and agency professionals grapple with every day, such as

  • How often should we post new content?
  • How often do our competitors post new content?
  • How do our Facebook Pages compare?  Which ones should be retired and which should get new investment?
  • How have we done since we changed our Facebook marketing strategy?
  • Are we maximizing our visibility on the News Feed and are we performing well with Edgerank?
  • How does the page perform since we hired our new consultant?
  • How has our fan count grown over time?  Relative to competition?
  • Who are our top 1000 fans/influencers?
  • Who are our competitors top 1000 fans/influencers?
  • What % of our fans are interacting with us, and how has that changed over time?
  • How do our posts encourage likes and comments?
  • What is our top performing content?
  • What should my team’s goals be for Facebook marketing?
  • What should our next steps be?

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