How do you get the data?

We are experts at mining publicly available data and making sense of it for our customers and partners.  We use available APIs and proprietary methods to get the data, scrub it, and make it actionable.

Do you comply with Facebook’s Developer Terms of Service?

Yes, we do.

Where did you get inspiration to build this product?

In the course of writing two editions of Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day, we heard consistent feedback from people all around the world in major brands that they couldn’t really understand cause and effect in social marketing.  Facebook, in particular, was tough for people to understand.  So we built the product that people have been asking for.

Why is a data mining approach to analytics better than others in the marketplace?

Most existing solutions are based on Facebook Insights data, which is an abstraction on the real data.  Marketers don’t know what to make of metrics like “People Talking About”, “Engagement”, and a rough estimate of “Reach”.  We wanted to improve upon all of that.  But as we researched the problem, we kept coming back to data mining.  To produce the best statistics and measurement available, we had to make sure we could collect the data reliably – all of the data.  We don’t ignore a single like, comment, comment like, or wall post.  Every social interaction is critical.

What is next for your company?

We share details with selected customers and partners, and would be happy to do so if you’re one of them.  Contact us for more information.

Are you seeking investment?

We maintain a profile at http://angel.co/polygraph-media.  Follow us there for more details if you’re interested.