Polygraph is opening its proprietary social data mining platform to agencies and technology partners eager to enhance their products and services.

Benefits of becoming a Polygraph Partner

  • Most favored pricing for access to Polygraph and custom data mining/analytics projects
    • Monitoring & moderation services
    • Profanity filtering of comments on popular social networks
  • White-label analytics, reports, charts, graphs, and data visualizations
  • Pre-release access to new product features when available (Twitter, other social networks), before agencies not in the CAB
  • One hour/month of consultation, assistance with interpreting reports for clients
  • Polygraph will participate in 1 White Paper or study the Agency releases to its customer by providing data, quotes, etc.
  • Agency may release a Press Release announcing partnership
  • Agency provides product feedback at least 1x/quarter
  • Agency may be listed on Polygraph web site as a Partner, at Polygraph’s discretion

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