The Big Brand, Big Social Data Opportunity

The last few years have seen enterprises and big brands jump feet first into social media. There are a wide range of reasons why – brands can go direct to customers through social media and vice versa. Brands can get a quick idea of what people are saying and how they are reacting to campaigns and current events. Everyone is a publisher, a contributor.

Those contributions are now the most interesting self-contributory data set of consumers in the world, yet they’re currently unmined by a vast majority of the world’s biggest brands.

“70% of CMOs today say they are incapable of analyzing and responding to the glut of data currently available on customers.” – IBM Global Chief Marketing Officer Study, October 2011

Risk in Big Social Data

There is not only opportunity but risk in consumer comments. Customers have a high expectation that you’re listening when they complain on popular social media properties. If you don’t respond fast enough, you may turn an unhappy customer into one with a lasting negative affinity for you.

Consider also that customers may abuse each other on your open forums.  Better yet, they may be abusing your brand.  Profanity is a big problem that reflects negatively on brands that do not proactively manage their communities when inevitable issues occur.

Take the Next Step

The world’s top companies are looking to make social data a competitive differentiator.  Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to do it, a clearer picture of what is happening, a more real-time perspective, insight into your competitors, and/or protection for your brand from the potential downsides of customer comments – we can to help.

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