Real Time Facebook

Twitter proudly announced that it hosted 8.9 million engagements during The Oscars 2013.  But days later, Facebook revealed to the world that during the same time, its users interacted 66.5 million times!  A 7.5x difference!

Marketers in consumer brands have intuitively known for a long time that more engagement occurs on Facebook than Twitter.  But that data has been more or less off limits… until recently.

Polygraph makes Facebook “real-time” for consumer brands and the innovative agencies that serve them.

  • We have developed significant knowledge of social APIs, big data, Hadoop, and bottoms-up statistical analysis
  • We combine big data expertise with data science for clients to provide a better understanding of social media and how it impacts key business metrics.
  • We currently focus on public Facebook Data from the Graph API, and we are fully compliant with the Facebook Developer TOS.

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