I was Twammed for the first time this afternoon.  That's right… I was Twitter-spammed.  The person who did it had the right intentions, I think.  But when I got a "helpful" suggestion for something I didn't ask for from someone who doesn't follow me and who I didn't know previously, I sure as heck didn't appreciate the suggestion.

I'm sure we're going to see more & more people using Twitter for marketing purposes… and with it will come more & more unsolicited nonsense like what I got this afternoon.

The big issue I see more broadly is the mismatched expectations different users have about the use of social media — outreach, friending policies, what each network could/should be used for, etc.  None of us agree about how these should be used especially now while there isn't an Emily Post's guide to using social media.  Next week I'll convert a bunch of random thoughts into a semi-coherent post about this topic.  Developing societal norms will determine how we can use social media as marketers in the future.