Addressing 5 Common Misconceptions about Facebook

As many of you likely know, Polygraph Media began working in programmatic social advertising over a year ago after listening to our friends in different brands and agencies. We pretty consistently heard feedback that our work in data and analytics was interesting, but marketers really crave things that are actionable. Marketing staffs in large companies around […]

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Twitter and Gnip - A match made in data heaven

Last week, Twitter announced the acquisition of Gnip in what will certainly amount to be a key milestone in the evolution of social media.
2008-2010 Young social media managers emerge at brands to help them navigate new social media tools.
2011-2013 Social media turns increasingly from an earned/owned media channel to a paid media channel.
2014-2016 Old skills become […]

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Social Marketing & The Quantified Self

The "Quantified Self" movement is something you've probably heard of over the last few years — the idea that you can quantify previously mundane activities that you've otherwise ignored to attach a number to the things that you do.  There's plenty of reading about it on Wikipedia if you'd like to dig deeper.
In real life, […]

The Next Phase of Social Software — Measurement

A few quotes from Deloitte's recent study, Social Business: What are Companies Really Doing?

"To capture this value, however, companies will need to more systematically assess the operating metrics that have the greatest potential to move the needle and then strategically deploy social software to ensure near-term performance impact with modest investment."
"Social business depends on leadership. […]

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What Will Win in the 2nd Great Tech Boom

I spent a lot of part I of my thoughts on 2011 & beyond in our industry focusing on what I don't think will work.  This blog post will be markedly more positive, at least for those companies that I think are going to make it after all.  Thinking about it, though, I think some […]

The Dot-com bubble, the 2nd Great Tech Boom & Economic Viability

I suppose we are three years into the boom of this cycle in tech, and 2011 has finally given us a few IPOs — Groupon, Zynga, Pandora, Angie's List, and LinkedIn.  Others like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp reportedly intend to go public in 2012.  Investment continues to pour into startups, although there are signs that […]

Polygraph Media - Adventures in Big Social Data

Sorry we've been so quiet lately - have been hard at work taking a product to the marketplace.  We are jumping into the big social data business feet first.  You can sign up for our private beta at
In addition, Tommy Perkins (who traveled with me to Denver) made some great observations in his blog […]

Google+, the shiny new thing, and the perils of business process innovation

We're all captivated by bright, shiny new things.  In the tech business, we've had a lot of them in a short period of time.   Some (like the iPod) shut off entrepreneurial activity and brought all the value of a number of industries (music/video marketplaces, DRM, MP3 players, etc.) more or less to a single […]

Square and Facebook… two no-brainer disruptors

Sometimes, I do a better job making a point when (instead of sitting at my keyboard) I engage in a deep conversation with a colleague about things I see in the marketplace.  The give and take of conversation can't be matched IMO — and I'm a visual thinker/learner.
I had a conversation recently about the current […]

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Status Updates, Social Data Mining, and Intelligence

Techcrunch ran an article yesterday on the Twitterer who unwittingly, unknowingly live tweeted the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound.  I thought it was a particularly interesting case that underscores a few things about social data mining — an area where we've worked in earnest for about six months and where we are starting to […]