We're wrapping up about a 10 day blitz of different press, analyst, customer, and partner calls — and the feedback has been great.  We're tired, but glad to be out there.  The side effect of talking to that many people in such a compressed time is that it tends to hone a pitch pretty well.  I suppose there is a lot to be said for repetition.

Polygraph is big social data… packaged today as analytics.

The emphasis and order of that statement is entirely intentional.  We're big social data first and foremost.

The philosophy behind our business is that most problems communicated by our early customers and partners are all solved by data — a systematic commitment to collecting and analyzing big data in order to find "small data" intelligence.

Many people understand the power of data, but are powerless to act upon it.  That's where Polygraph comes in.

Our first release is an analytics product that is based on having all the data available on Pages and Subscriber-enabled Profiles.  Most of our competitors use or repackage Facebook Insights.  But we've always found that relying on Facebook Insights was a curious approach.  Repackaging Facebook's interpretation of data interesting to marketers is a far cry from getting the source data itself, then building a tool for marketers on top of that.  It's kinda like the difference between tools in the video clip below.


But we're excited for the future beyond Facebook analytics.  Based on where we are as a business, we can quickly go wider by covering other social networks… and deeper by covering more scenarios beyond just analytics.  Big social data is the parent — the enabling platform — and various applications will excite corporate marketers and consumers.

But at the end of the day, we're a data mining company.  We take the latent, available data and do exciting things with it.  The future is bright, and we're excited!