My week in Austin is winding down… I return to Seattle with some great advice from folks as well as a bit of new business.  A great trip save for the fact that I both dislocated a finger and just about shattered a knuckle playing basketball.  I'll spare you the graphic detail of what happened, but I did actually finish out the game.  I actually hit a few shots.  Maybe that should tell me something. :-)

Anyway, I'm told that I'm on the disabled list for a month or more… so none of Chris' favorite hobby in July.  Thank God for the Wii Fit.

So typing is a bit of a chore for the time being.  Lots of hunt & peck, which is infuriating since I typically type 100 wpm or more.  I think I'll deliver the next few thoughts in podcast form & see what people think.  I did it with internal messages at Microsoft and it was pretty well received.  Maybe I'll ramble a little less.

Carry on.