Over the weekend, we had a baby.  A new bouncing baby web site, www.noticeconsulting.com. :-)

For whatever reason, we’re starting to get more requests about our Enterprise Web 2.0 consulting work.  Since that seems to pay the bills, we thought we’d add more detail about what we do & how we help. 

This isn’t to say that we are no longer building social apps… quite the contrary.  In fact, I don’t really know how someone could do a great job recommending & implementing Web 2.0 technologies without actually building things of their own. 

So please check us out and recommend us if/when you have a project or know someone who does.  We’re easy to work with and we are reasonable.

On the applications front, we are continuing to build apps to help service businesses better market their products/services to companies in real time.  We are wrapping up the finishing touches on something for the real estate industry that we think will be interesting.  We are also continuing to work with our first automotive industry customer to make sure we hit the mark with something that vertical will find useful.  Everything we’re building has a direct link to social media and our core MinutesNotice technology that some of you have tried in its current Beta on Facebook.  It all ties together nicely, but like any early-stage startup, we are definitely learning a ton as we go along.