It’s time for another installment of Quick Hits… more random, highly unsubstantiated thoughts from yours truly…

  • The iPhone and Android are the hot technologies du jour according to popular press & bloggers.  While some really innovative things will emerge, so will a lot of failure.  Odds are that we’ll hear far more about the successes than the 100x failures.
  • Meanwhile, there a lot of relatively new, potentially transformative technologies (Silverlight and Adobe AIR come to mind) that seem to be yesterday’s story all of a sudden.  The same could be said for the less transformative but more widely used Blackberry, which is the defacto mobile phone for a lot of corporations willing to spend more money on mobile apps than even iPhone users.
  • And what about Nokia’s 40%+ share of the global mobile market.  Don’t count out Nokia — I met a lot of smart folks from there when I was at Microsoft.
  • Speaking of underserved technologies, Guy Kawasaki commented a few days ago on Twitter that more people use Vista than speak Mandarin.  Crazy.
  • Multiple Twits that attempt to lure me to a blog post should be regarded as Spam.  You have one bullet. Fire carefully.  Violators will be removed from the esteemed ranks of those I follow.
  • Note to early stage entrepreneurs… if you want me to sign an NDA before doing you the favor of revewing your deal, don’t bother.  It’s the #1 sign of amateur hour.  Ideas are cheap.  Knowing how to make things work is far more important, and it is where your focus should be.
  • And along those lines, I have *never* heard of a deal being stolen from an early stage entrepreneur.  Not saying it doesn’t happen… but I am saying it should be the last worry on your mind as an early stage entrepreneur.
  • In the world of the economy, would it be so hard for someone to just “take their medicine”?  Homebuyers who bought high.  The Fed.  Distressed banks.  Anyone.  It feels like we are plugging one hole after another with bubble gum.  I’d rather us take our lumps and move on than sit here and watch the economy gradually sour over a prolonged period of time.  Quite frankly, I think Phill Gramm’s comments were pretty dead-on.  We are soft as a nation.  And the downside of our prosperity since WWII is that we don’t know what real distress is.
  • Finally, I am tired of typing with 7 fingers.  My broken finger should heal within the next week or two (I hope!)