Starting a new type of blog post, which I’m calling “Quick Hits”.  I tend to have a lot of thoughts/observations that aren’t exactly flushed out… so I’ll share this intellectual drivel with you :-)

Lucky you.

But it fits my current state right now — I am still recovering from a broken finger, and I can’t type quite as efficiently as before.

Here goes:

  • Despite all the talk of improvements in Twitter, I sill get about 1 in 4 expected mobile notifications from them.  The experience has led us to create our own notification system… one we can rely upon.  It’s too bad.
  • I do wonder if Twitter will survive all the technical difficulties.  Now is the time for an upstart to take some share from them.  For a variety of reasons I’ll share in the future, I don’t think FriendFeed is the answer.
  • If Twitter does survive & continue to grow share, it will be a great case for companies establishing quick “brand equity” and doing well despite low switching costs.  Or is the combination of brand recognition and the existing social network each user has enough of a switching cost?
  • I have read a lot about the worsening climate for early stage investment.  I haven’t seen it.  But we are in an area of tech that helps companies achieve operating efficiency, which should do well in a recessionary environment.
  • I think the biggest threat to tech investment is a declining stock market, but not for obvious reasons.  If the market continues to fall, I can foresee a lot of opportunities that will provide a 25% IRR over the next 5-7 years.
  • I think Microsoft is interested in Yahoo for the expertise of its rank and file as much as anything else.  I can’t tell you how many “software people” I encountered at Microsoft, and how different they were than people who truly understood the Web.