I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving.  Now that we're back to work, it's time for another edition of Quick Hits.

  • We've just entered the worst time of the year for most entrepreneurs who work with or sell to major corporations.  A lot of places either shut down or run at half-capacity from mid-November through the first week of January.  Don't assume that *everyone* shuts down though - focus your attention on people who haven't yet shut down for the year.
  • I really think Microsoft needs to buy Yahoo, but not necessarily for the reasons stated in the press/blogosphere.  While MS has a major audience issue in search, they do have a variety of other assets that people actually use (Messenger, Office/Outlook, Hotmail, IE, etc.).  Add Yahoo's assets to that, and you have a nice portfolio of online & offline services that can be packaged for Madison Avenue's consumption.
  • It is funny how Facebook has so quickly let the consciousness of a lot of developers, ourselves included.  It isn't that there isn't a lot of potential there.  But the opportunity did fall off quite a bit when they moved the location of Applications and when they changed rules around the News Feed.  The window for building Facebook applications was about six months, and the window shut violently.
  • We're having continued problems building an app for LinkedIn.  It's proving to be quite the exclusive community.  More to come in a few weeks if we don't make further progress.
  • I got a lot of interesting feedback (both online & offline) following my recent post re: web developer platforms.  People commonly make the mistake to assume that problems with technical/developer platforms need technical solutions.  And while dev platforms need to have all the bells & whistles necessary to enable developers, they also need to address business issues that developers are facing.  We've entered the age of frugality, so now more than ever developer platforms need to help people either make money or save money.