Howdy everyone.  Today is an exciting day for us at Polygraph — we've released our first product into the marketplace!

First of all, congratulations to our team.  We ran hard to the deadline, and released something that I'm very proud of, especially for a v1.  Now everyone is pretty much exhausted, but I suppose that's par for the course.

We're excited about our mission to democratize access to social data — and make it easy for marketers to truly understand the competitive landscape on Facebook.  There are a lot of companies doing deep analytics on Twitter, but not very many doing it for Facebook.  We think Polygraph is a great innovation and a step to help people better understand cause & effect on Facebook as well as ROI.

We are unique in the marketplace because we treat the problem of analytics as a data mining problem.  Every social interaction for a brand is an important, discrete event that must be captured, recorded, and presented to marketers in a way that is actionable.  Facebook Insights is a good start, but doesn't provide enough for genius left-brained marketers.  And, of course, you can't get competitor data out of Facebook Insights either.  Polygraph gives you both.

We will turn our attention to customer feedback now — and rapidly iterate to improve the product.  As with any launch, we have some things that we want to immediately improve.  We have a long feature request list from early adopters and friends that we want to tackle as well.  We will work with a handful of selected big brands, technology partners, and agencies to work on advanced applications/uses of the data as well.

This first release of Polygraph is the beginning of big things for us.  We'd love you to join us for the ride.  Visit for access to some samples and to create a free account.  You can also order your own Polygraph Reports from the web site.  

Later this week, we'll start to publish some analysis on this blog as we find things in the data that are simply fascinating!