Some random observations on a late Easter Sunday:

  • Is it just me but has Facebook been in the ~60m user range for a long time?  Especially for a social network that was growing at such an aggressive rate as recently as last year…  Does anyone think they’re adding 200k users/day anymore?
  • The CBS Sportsline controversy in Facebook developer-land is indeed a bit frustrating, but is anyone really surprised?  I can only imagine the pressure on Facebook management to play nice with major media companies and their large advertising pocketbooks.
  • The fight between online "Risk knockoffs" sounds alot like old arguments we used to have over Diplomacy.  Speaking of, if anyone ever puts Diplomacy online & helps me play against my friends, this startup thing might not quite work out for me. 😉
  • Anyone who criticizes Open Office is either 1) a power user of Office apps, or 2) a charlatan who hasn’t actually installed it.  I played around with it for the first time last week and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Shocked is more like it.  I used to think I’d use Google Docs & Spreadsheets as a lower-cost alternative to Microsoft Office, but now I may just use Open Office where I can.
  • Speaking of Google, the more I use their stuff the less impressed I am.  I like the breadth of what they have, but their apps sure seem to time out a lot.  It isn’t bad for free, but it isn’t flawless either.

Next week — more about what we’re doing specifically *and* my first and last missive on my former employer Microsoft.