Howdy everyone - I thought I'd share a few quick updates on our company while I have a few minutes on an Easter Sunday evening.

First, as part of our soft launch, we've renamed our platform to Lasso to better reflect what we do.  The idea is that we help local businesses and local media companies alike find new customers through offers, couponing, mobile/e-mail campaigns, and the effective use of social media.  A wide range of newspapers and local media companies love the approach we're taking with the product/platform, but almost all suggested that we change the name to better reflect what we do.

Second, at SXSW Interactive we talked with a number of different people in the press, the blogosphere, and in major corporations about our approach.  Check out these two articles from the MIT Technology Review and Lost Remote that do a pretty good job summarizing where we are.  As the article in Lost Remote suggests, we are launching in a top 10 U.S. city very soon, along with a variety of others that will get us closer to our vision for the Lasso ™ platform.

Things are going very well for us & we'll have more interesting news to share in coming weeks/months.  Everyone have a great week!