Happy Friday, everyone.  We launched Polygraph 2 1/2 weeks ago, and have been floored by the response.  Clearly, a lot of people have wanted access to & analysis of Facebook Page data but haven't known exactly where to go to get it.  And as "the wisdom of the crowd" would indicate, you (collectively) are a lot more creative and a lot smarter when it comes to uses of Polygraph Reports — either as currently packaged or as you have requested we make the data and analytics available in a customized manner.

Not mentioning any names, companies, or other identifying characteristics, here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Real-time campaign & community management analysis — Community managers have responded particularly well to Polygraph, citing its affordability and its easy to understand interface.  We've been told repeatedly that it is a "community manager's dream" although I can't personally verify that, as I'm not a community manager. 😉

Next generation market research — Market research used to be conducted entirely over the phone or in person.  But now, people are telling us their preferences in social media updates.  This data can be aggregated and can accentuate more traditional market research methods.

Deep competitor/industry analysis — Several of our customers at launch are systematically pulling down reports on all the major players in their highly competitive industry.  One has already requested over 1,000 reports to survey the target market for his product/service. 

Watching trends — Social data can be used to watch broader trends among consumers.   This data can then be applied to other data sets — both public and private — to better inform business and investment decisions.

Measuring offline advertising lift in social — Marketing today is a multi-screen, multi-dimensional activity.  Social certainly gets a lift anytime you do things in other areas, and vice-versa.  Marketers around the world are trying to better understand the interplay of different marketing activities to better understand purchase intent.

I mention these really to exercise your creativity.  If you could analyze mountains of social media data, what would you do?