Addressing 5 Common Misconceptions about Facebook

As many of you likely know, Polygraph Media began working in programmatic social advertising over a year ago after listening to our friends in different brands and agencies. We pretty consistently heard feedback that our work in data and analytics was interesting, but marketers really crave things that are actionable. Marketing staffs in large companies around […]

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Polygraph Moroch Partnership — Actionable Social Data for Brands

Today, we're happy to announce our partnership with Moroch to bring actionable social data to brands.
Over the last year to 18 months, we've talked with a lot of consumer brands about how they can harness Facebook data to better react to customer feedback, make data-driven decisions, and significantly improve the efficiency of media buys.
Most companies […]

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Augmenting Opinion with Data

For those of us who are more left-brained thinkers, it's a pretty exciting time right now in 2013.
Silos to data have been broken down in many instances… and there are a plethora of data sources available for fee or for free that can be tied together.
Data visualization tools have progressed well beyond the visual and […]

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Polygraph: Solving & more importantly Explaining Big Social Data, Facebook

Howdy everyone — it's been awhile since I've posted here.  Lots of work on Polygraph and a new addition to my family in the form of a baby.  Margot Ellen Treadaway was born on December 14th and is our first child.  Lots of life changes — all good.  But the blog has taken a bit […]

Social, the Salesforce acquisition of Buddy Media, and Real Value

Tonight, this blog post summarizing year 1 of the Salesforce acquisition of Buddy Media.  The numbers, if taken on face value, are brutal as the endeavor is a big money loser so far.
The picture painted is probably a tad on the pessimistic side.  If your Salesforce, you don't buy a Buddy Media to harvest but […]

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Social Marketing & The Quantified Self

The "Quantified Self" movement is something you've probably heard of over the last few years — the idea that you can quantify previously mundane activities that you've otherwise ignored to attach a number to the things that you do.  There's plenty of reading about it on Wikipedia if you'd like to dig deeper.
In real life, […]

Crowdsourced ideas for using Social Data Mining & Analytics

Happy Friday, everyone.  We launched Polygraph 2 1/2 weeks ago, and have been floored by the response.  Clearly, a lot of people have wanted access to & analysis of Facebook Page data but haven't known exactly where to go to get it.  And as "the wisdom of the crowd" would indicate, you (collectively) are a […]

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The Next Phase of Social Software — Measurement

A few quotes from Deloitte's recent study, Social Business: What are Companies Really Doing?

"To capture this value, however, companies will need to more systematically assess the operating metrics that have the greatest potential to move the needle and then strategically deploy social software to ensure near-term performance impact with modest investment."
"Social business depends on leadership. […]

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The Origins of Polygraph Facebook Data Mining Analytics

First a quick thanks to all of you who visited the blog yesterday.  Our blog traffic exploded yesterday, which means I'll be writing here frequently. :-)
Today, I thought I'd talk about where we got the idea for Polygraph and the feedback we heard from the marketplace in the 9 months preceding our launch.
As some of you […]

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