Brands and the valid hype around Social Commerce

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be asked to share my thoughts in The Future of Marketing's 2nd virtual conference.  They interviewed 60 experts worldwide on where things in marketing are heading, specifically as it relates to personalization.  The event took place today, so you can listen to the 60 minute event by visiting […]

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AOL, the Huffington Post, and the assault on local

Today is a watershed day in new media, whatever it is that we're calling it in 2011.  Why?  Because AOL is now truly doing something interesting in the content business by buying one of this cycle's best content properties, the Huffington Post, for $315 million.
Sure, AOL spent 40% of its available cash on the property. […]

Analyzing eMarketer SMB stats on useful social marketing tools

Those of you who have followed this blog for awhile and some of the guest posts we've written on Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, Forbes, and other places know two things about me:  1) I'm a data junkie, and 2) I don't really have a lot of respect for "spin" in the startup world.
It's why I questioned the […]

Strengths and Weaknesses

It's funny how the greatest things in the world all have one thing in common — their greatest strength begets their weakness. It's a pattern that repeats itself everywhere. The United States' great strength is personal freedom, but that's also its greatest weakness in the age of terrorism. Microsoft's great strength was creating […]

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5 Ways Facebook Places Changes the LBS Game

I think just about everyone in the local advertising halo is digesting Facebook's announcement that they are jumping into LBS with two feet.  The LBS folks knew this was coming, yet the proposed "co-opetition" still scares the hell out of them.  In fact, I brought up this very point at a panel in May with […]

Facebook’s new problem: social media fatigue

Facebook's announcements at f8 were stunning in their breadth and vision.  By expanding their reach to the Internet as a whole, they've morphed overnight from a social network to a pervasive part of the Internet.  In so doing, they're making their competitors (e.g. Twitter and even Google) look awfully amateur while scaring the heck out of […]

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Quick Hits - February 10, 2022

It's been too long since I've made some random, unsubstantiated observations.  Lucky you.
I have used Google Buzz for just a few hours, and I'm already convinced it's a game-changer.  Watch out Twitter… and Facebook, you'd better not get too comfortable.
I really do think I could make a compelling argument for you that Twitter's best bet […]

Reviewing my 2009 predictions

It's time for the self-assessment of my predictions for the previous year.  Here goes…Government 2.0 — if the Obama administration earned a mandate of
any kind, it is in the area of government intervention in the free
market.  There will be opportunities in not just the modernization of
government data systems/infrastructure, but also in helping government
operate more efficiently […]

Quick Hits — September 14, 2022 — Twitter & Facebook Lite edition

We have spent a lot of time in Twitter the last few weeks… a lot.  A few quick observations of things we've noticed:
Twitter is down all the time.  I'm not talking about the consumer front-end… I'm talking about the API.  Folks there who work on stability/network operations must be some of the most nervous and […]

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Don’t confuse me for a social media zealot

I have had a few conversations with colleagues, ex-colleagues, and current clients that lead me to believe that they think I'm a social media zealot.  While a lot of what I do is tied in some way to social networks, I find it necessary to set the record straight tonight.  Here's what I believe:
Social media […]