As I scanned my RSS feeds this AM, I tripped across an interesting article on Alan Greenspan's concern about U.S. debt.  Summarizing — he sees an impending fiscal crisis (duh!) that can only be fixed by finding ways to reduce federal spending.

One proposal that he supports is the creation of a bipartisan commission to tackle issues of deficit reduction.

Here's an idea for you, Mr. Greenspan.  Let's set up a commission of entrepreneurs to find such opportunities.  Limit participation by lawmakers, lobbyists, and attorneys (no offense, people) as much as possible.

Entrepreneurs are probably the most qualified people around who can find inventive ways to do more with less.  Why?

  1. We're broke and cost-sensitive.
  2. We have to be great at finding inefficiencies and fixing them, otherwise we fail.
  3. We have a lower sense of entitlement than other groups.
  4. At worst, we'll funnel more resources to ourselves, which has potential economic benefits of its own.
  5. We have no problem making people angry.

The more I think of this, the more I think it's actually a pretty good idea!