Just a random, quick observation this AM…

There is a downside to getting deeply immersed in your work as an entrepreneur.  At a certain point… that comes seemingly without warning… you've had so much of your own Kool-Aid that you can't see straight anymore.  You temporarily lose the ability to effectively and concisely explain what you are doing to people who may be hearing about it for the first time.

If I'm not there right now, I'm perilously close.  Several times this week, I've managed to catch myself go into the weeds when a description of the forest would do just fine.

How will I combat this?  Well for starters, I may just take a little bit of a break this weekend.  I may take a day to just do whatever I can to not think about our company, our challenges, etc.  Live a little amongst people who are not tech/Web 2.0 savvy… and chill out.  No internet, no cell phone.  Just unplug for a good 24 hours or so… recollect my thoughts and do what I am actually good at doing… explaining complicated concepts in plain terms.

Deep breaths… :-)