Another installment of Quick Hits:

  • I met with another aspiring entrepreneur late last week… another person trapped in an unfulfilling corporate job who wants to get going but doesn’t know where to start.  Two quick observations: first, you have to do something every day to get going, otherwise you have a hobby and not a startup.  I know far too many people who *want* to get started but who *don’t* do what it takes to get started.  Second observation:  the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side — entrpreneurship is at times very, very painful.  The problems you have in your steady job will just be replaced by new and different problems.  Don’t take the leap without having a sense of what those problems may be.
  • I caught this article on Microsoft’s web strategy this morning.  If my experience was any indication, I’d say it is extremely premature to think that Microsoft has turned a corner.  Turning a ship that large takes a lot of time although I will admit some of the recent news is a good sign.
  • Hosting company success and Microsoft involvement are inversely proportional in my view.  I think that major hosting providers are going to have to find another trick to survive say 10 years out.
  • It’s been months since my last blog post about LinkedIn, yet we are not further along.  I hope they let at least some startups into the fold.  I am not sure that anything qualifies as a dev platform without innovative startups.