I did the unthinkable today.  I created a MySpace profile.  I have several close single friends who will find this highly amusing since, just a few short years ago, I chastised them for killing their professional reputation by publicly chasing high school girls.  Then again a few years ago, MySpace was the social network site for pre-pubescent teens and tweens and well today… uh… I guess it’s pretty much the same.

However, the business opportunity forced me to create a profile and take a look.  Like it or not, MySpace reportedly has 130M+ users, and something in the ballpark of 28 pages of apps.  Amusingly enough, when you click "Most Installed," the only apps displayed are actually ones with 0 installs.  Yes, it  would be more accurate if it read "Least Installed."

But despite the warts, if you are starting a company like I am, you’d hate to be blindsided when all the cool kids move to another playground.  We are starting to see a number of prominent Facebook developers port their successful applications to MySpace — perhaps for the novelty, perhaps for the fact that growth is rather easy when there is an untapped mass of 130m+ users starving for a richer social experience.

Don’t confuse my diligence with an endorsement.  Do, however, assume that Notice Technologies is willing to write applications for any social platform with a large audience eager for what we are marketing.  I’ll be happy to report back with more impressions about MySpace.  First things first — how in the heck do I make friends here!?!???