Howdy everyone — quick departure from the norm here.  We happen to be one of those rare Austin startups that run primarily on Microsoft technology.  Most Austin startups are built on Rails or Open Source technology.  It makes sense… the open source stack is relatively easy to get into, there is a huge community of helpful developers out there, and developers can learn as they go.  For us it wasn't a religious decision, but it was the background of our CTO, Robert Starek.  Technical leadership does tend to drive these decisions.

Anyway, we've gone to a few events and reached out to people in a few ways.  I'm now resorting to social media (Twitter and blogging primarily) to get the word out that we'd like to meet a few more people.

Now don't get carried away — we don't have any jobs to offer at this moment.  But we are ready to meet enterprising, high-quality .NET developers in Austin.  To be clear, I'm not looking for product managers, UI designers, DBAs, or business people.  I'm looking for kick ass .NET developers.  That's it.  So if this describes you, please reach out to me at  Have a great day.