One of my favorite new products is Cinch — something that I think can only be described as "the Twitter of podcasting".

I use it to quickly record thoughts on what is going on in tech, social media, etc. and may very well turn it into something that I publish from my Twitter account daily.

I think there is a huge opportunity in sharing insightful thoughts that can be captured in 2-3 minutes.  For me, it is pretty low investment timewise — lower than a blog post and it is certainly easier than setting up or even participating in an existing podcast.

I also think there is a big benefit for the listener.  Podcasts are a long & tough commitment for people to make unless they are on a plane, driving long distances, or exercising.  Otherwise, I think 2-3 minutes is ideal for listening to a well-reasoned thought or observation from someone you respect.

Will of course keep you updated as I become a regular Cinch user.

For now, I invite you to check out my page at