I think it's a really bad idea for entrepreneurs to watch the news right now.

It's way too easy to get sucked into all the negativity around the economy, job losses, the stock market, etc.  There is a point where you can be too informed, and I am beginning to believe that most entrepreneurs reach that point when they watch the news once a week… or read blogs or articles on the economy more than 10 minutes a week.

It's an unimpeachable fact that things suck right now.  But entrepreneurs aren't necessarily the most diversified investors on the planet either.  Most of us are working day in and day out on one business, two likely at the most.  And the only thing that really matters for entrepreneurs is whether or not the business is humming along.  Are we solving real needs in the marketplace?  And are our efforts going to help us land loyal, paying customers?

These are the things to focus on.  Turn off the TV news.  Ditch the RSS feeds from people telling you the world is going to hell.  Focus on the things you need to do to succeed, and stay on top of the news only when you want a good laugh. :-)