Well, today is the last day of what has been an interesting decade.  The world is certainly a much different place than it was ten years ago.  I brought in the 2000s at the Poodledog Lounge in Austin and I'll enjoy a nice, relaxing evening tonight with friends.  Since, I've worked in another early-stage startup, gotten an MBA, done a tour of duty in Redmond, and am now embarking on a startup of my own.

It has been a bumpy ride at times, but it has been a blast.  I've certainly learned through this process that I have to be fulfilled in my work.  Money has certainly not overcome boredom in the workplace, and enjoying the job has overcome the difficulties involved in making less money (or at times none at all).

I only heard one thing that really disturbed me all year — just a few weeks ago a friend told me that he thinks my blog has become overwhelmingly negative.  So my resolution for 2010 is to stay honest but to make a sincere effort to point out good things I see when I see them.  All too often, us entrepreneurs just go from solving one problem to the next — and it seems like you're just surrounded by trouble.  While I am not nearly as negative as the tone of some of my posts may suggest, I *am* admittedly a bit of a perfectionist.  So while I may stop to smell the roses a bit in 2010, I won't stop demanding the most from folks around me.

Have a great, prosperous, and most importantly rewarding 2010 everyone!