Happy Holidays everyone!

The holiday season is a great time to refresh… to get away from the pressures of the business world for a bit and chill out.  I've certainly had a few great days to relax, disconnect, and now I'm thinking about what we've achieved in 2008 and where we are headed in 2009.

2008 was an interesting year.  Like a lot of other startups, we evolved to meet the needs of our customer base several times… gradually moving closer and closer towards something that is both relatively unique and solves a major pain point.  We have kept quiet as a strategic move to not "blow our 15 minutes"… and we've been learning as we've gone along.

Now that we've largely figured out the real customer pain point and we've built a product to address it, we'll go into 2009 with an obsessive focus on customers.  Finding more of them, supporting them, and making them successful.  We will answer to metrics that demonstrate success for our business in this area.  We will not waste any time or energy daydreaming about outcomes or future milestones.  We'll minimize distractions while we build our company one successful customer at a time.  It's admittedly a cliche, but truthfully nothing else really matters.