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May 18, 2022


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Excellent post, Chris. I do agree that Facebook has simply become far too robust for anything to happen that will do lasting damage. It's unfortunate some folks are deactivating their accounts... I just cannot imagine ever doing that. I'll weather any storms, even if I'm the last person standing on Planet Facebook. Lol. I'm with Zuckerberg all the way... even if the Community Pages are a mess, peeps are up in arms about the Open API and all manner of privacy issues. We'll work it out, we always do. Onwards.

Thanks for this balanced post, Chris. I won't be deactivating my Facebook account. Sticking around to watch while we build a new kind of social world both inside and outside Facebook is just too fascinating. I don't feel warm and fuzzy towards Mark Zuckerberg and his organization (arrogant) but I do think they can't be blamed for moving towards profit. They are in business. I hope for the sake of the people I teach and coach that Facebook will step up and do a better job of helping FB'ers deal with confusing privacy settings so that they can trust their Facebook social environment.

shelley roth

Great post Chris. Just jumping into my FB webinar in 20 min. very timely info. As far as privacy, people should google themselves and see what they find. your info. is out there, like it or not. Would like FB to authorize the cool tool http://www.reclaimprivacy.org/facebook to aid people in setting their privacy settings. hmmm, thats my top question from my students....mabye not! :)job security and all!

Morris Fisher

A little calmness is a appreciated.I am concerned but as my mother used to say it will all come out in the wash.

Lennie Appelquist

Very excellent coverage of this topic, Chris! Lot's of great info. Am I the only one who feels that what Mark Z said when he was 19 years old is wholly irrelevant? OMG - the things that exited my mouth at 19...

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