Social Media Advertising Done Right



Want a tool that can scale your social media ads to instantly deliver 1000s of campaigns? Polygraph has it.


A/B Testing

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which ad really worked best in each of a 1000 different markets? Polygraph knows.



Why doesn’t anyone truly optimize large scale, complex microcampaigns at a local level? Polygraph does.

Who It’s For



Micro-targeting. ROI. Scale. Franchisees benefit from Polygraph’s targeting capabilities to reach consumers in hyperlocal battlegrounds. The complexity of hundreds or thousands of microcampaigns become simple.



Scalablity. Transparency. Simplicity. Proven Results. When social media advertising needs to reach local customers at a massive scale (think hundreds or thousands of microcampaigns), Polygraph delivers results. Like 51% decrease in CPC type results.



New clients. Cost savings. Efficiency. Innovation. The things that matter most to agencies matter most to Polygraph. Agency leaders sleep well at night because they know their clients’ social media dollars are working harder and generating better results than ever.

Who’s Finding Success with Polygraph

What People Are Saying

Polygraph is our secret weapon, a 5000 lb bomb. We use it in pitches, show how we can tie analytics to ad decisions and blow everyone away.
Janet M., National Advertising Agency
Polygraph’s local targeting is phenomenal. Because we’re able to see our engagement by store location, we are better able to target our ad spend.
Arthur H.
Using Polygraph is like having admin access to all my competitors. I can see exactly what’s working for them, and I can keep my clients ahead of their activities.
Robert M., Large Marketing Agency