Ad tools to help you easily run local advertising programs 
and win neighborhoods so you can get back to what you do best.

Inventive local ad tools that some of the world’s largest brands have used to relieve common local advertising headaches
Our software empowers you to consolidate your brand messaging, offers and reporting in a single web interface and 
control what each location markets, whether it's from HQ or what each location wants.
Schedule and manage ads from one easy web interface.

Product Features


Create and manage ads in one easy web interface

Create nationally (company wide) available evergreen and event specific  multi-unit retail ad campaign templates shared across your entire company with the ability to schedule,  implement, finance and manage the ads locally. Control your national brand and messaging while maximizing standard and long tail local opportunities. 


Monitor campaign and ad set performance across clients and ad accounts in one place

Schedule and manage all ongoing and future ad campaigns through a single web interface. Select and schedule evergeen and future event-driven ads from campaign library. Set location specific budgets & campaign parameters. Seamless integration and control over campaigns and spends. Get details and insights to keep everyone informed, track performance and make the right decisions for constantly improving local ad performance. 


Near-perfect accuracy and zero error rates in ad campaigns.

Polygraph accuracy rate is near 100% due to programmatic quality checks and SAAS tools you can use to find and fix errors. You can proof budget, placement, creative, targeting, and duration for your ads. 

Comment Moderation

Moderate comments on all the ads you manage to ensure brand policy compliance.

Don't let problematic comments on your ads become a secret source of pain and problems. Stay on top of all interactions around ads to protect your brand reputation.

Intelligent Campaign Reports

Analyze regional and co-op advertising performance and sales to discover what drives better results.

  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Automated tagging
  • Insightful reporting
  • Campaign optimizations can be implemented and shared across the entire network
  • Aggregate reporting
  • Account level settings controls
  • Drill down detailed campaign/ad/keyword reporting at the brand, franchise and location level

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