Like many of you, the COVID crisis has given us an opportunity to think clearly and strategically about our company and how we serve clients.

What can I say? Now that we aren’t commuting as much, I suppose we all have a little more time to wax philosophical. 😉

Polygraph is here to drive the best, legitimately quantifiable return on investment possible for clients as efficiently as possible.

Whether we run ads for your company, your agency, or even if you use our software and data science, I assure you that your business will be better and more efficient because you have a business relationship with Polygraph.

I’d add that we also go out of our way to truly work together with our partners and clients. If a client needs to take a break for whatever reason, we do that. Regularly. If a partner needs us to work a long weekend or holiday, we do that. We serve.

We also consider our role to be fiduciary – to mirror the needs of our clients. If something is working, we tell the truth. If something is not working, we tell the truth. We don’t need to lie, deceive, or spin our way into long-term relationships. That’s the origin of the name Polygraph. We are honest participants in the advertising ecosystem.

That’s it – short and sweet. If you’d like your digital advertising to get better and/or more efficient, let’s have a chat.

Chris Treadaway

Chris Treadaway is the CEO of Polygraph. He was previously Group Product Manager of Web Strategy at Microsoft and a Founder of Stratfor. He is the two-time author of Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day and is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on data-driven marketing.