Location-Based Ad Technology

We help the world’s best brands deploy ad dollars locally
and intelligently across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more

We Help Our Clients Increase Their Leads & Sales
2x-5x with Continually Improving Ads.

Lead Generation

We help B2C and B2B companies find new leads and manage lead gen costs with both advertising and email marketing.

Local & Franchise

Start or scale ad campaigns.
Customize locally, improve store results and satisfaction, boost store traffic and revenue.

Retail and CPG Ecommerce

We help brands successfully start and grow direct-to-consumer demand through ecommerce, in both their own stores and third-party marketplaces like Amazon.

Our Track Record

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Success Stories

46% More Awareness and a 572% ROI

Polygraph helped Maggiano’s run their first locally-oriented carryout advertising campaign for Valentine’s Day, resulting in 46% more affordable awareness and a 4.72 ROAS (return on ad spend). Subsequent carryout campaigns have been even more successful.

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“Polygraph Media knows what to do in a wide range of difficult situations across digital advertising platforms, and their execution teams are always available and reliable. Plus, they have leveraged their partnership with Google to get us access to executives at both companies to help us execute on innovations and new opportunities to improve ROI.”

Matt Fry

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Maggiano’s Little Italy

Polygraph’s Post-COVID Philosophy

Polygraph’s Post-COVID Philosophy

Like many of you, the COVID crisis has given us an opportunity to think clearly and strategically about our company and how we serve clients. What can I say? Now that we aren’t commuting as much, I suppose we all have a little more time to wax philosophical. 😉...

Advertising in the COVID-19 Crisis

Advertising in the COVID-19 Crisis

Following up from our blog post about how COVID-19 has impacted advertising, I wanted to share a few additional thoughts. First of all, our thoughts are with anyone directly affected by the virus. We are hopeful and optimistic that human ingenuity can make this a...

Advertising Trends, April 2020

Advertising Trends, April 2020

We've found a silver lining to this difficult time... Now is the most affordable time to advertise in years. We're seeing unheard of low CPMs. If you're open for business and can afford it, you should advertise! Some recent findings looking at the last week of data...