Help your franchise or multi-unit business 
win more neighborhoods with local Google & Facebook ads at scale.

Make the local ad work easy so that you and your locations can get back to work.

discerning Strategies

Engage with Polygraph’s strategy team. We listen, then help you establish the best policies to take advantage of the most effective Facebook and Google advertising products for your business. Get as much help
as YOU need.

inventive ad tech

Harness Polygraph’s templated ad buying, proofing and other features to control what each location is marketing and maximize the results. We save you time and money, relieve headaches and help your entire company go further.

grounded reporting & insights

View insightful reports that analyze regional and co-op performance using our custom business intelligence dashboards that combine advertising performance and sales.

helpful Training & Education

Take advantage of Polygraph’s training programs and webinars to educate your staff and franchisees on digital advertising.

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