Managed Services

Polygraph combines deep advertising expertise with unique ad technology to help brands and agencies run best-practice ad campaigns and dramatically improve their results. We take over the execution burden, supplying world-class experience and insight to ensure you achieve all your goals.

Full Ad-Lifecycle Execution

We help with all phases of digital advertising, including ad strategy, creation, monitoring, alerting, optimization, reporting and invoicing. Every major ad platform including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

Optimize for Your Goals

We improve ad performance, often beating industry benchmarks for your top goals and key metrics. We can easily combine branding, website traffic, and conversion goals into a cohesive strategy to maximize your exposure and bottom-line results.

Custom Reporting & Dashboards

Stay on top of ad performance, stay on plan, and ensure maximum impact.

Get the right amount of reporting for your needs. 

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Feel free to reach out and we’ll schedule a time to answer your questions and give you strategic feedback.