How We Helped Midas Launch Local Store-Level Facebook Advertising

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Midas is a groundbreaking auto repair outlet known for service, quality and reliability. With over 60 years of success, Midas wanted a way to scale Facebook ads and win more neighborhoods for 100+ shops.


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Midas needed a partner to help them scale a solution for different programs to reach customers near the location of each shop. Their question was, “How do we coordinate between corporate and owners, empower corporate to select ad offers and create ad templates, then allow each local store to select the offer that owner wants to run?” Working with Moroch, Polygraph leveraged its Commander software to engineer this solution for Midas. Custom ad radii and offers were deployed.

Proven Results

RESULTS: In the first year, Polygraph and Moroch helped Midas reach 3 million customers with 42 million ad showings, and reduced Midas’s cost per click by 25%.

Reached Customers

Ads Shown


Reduced Cost Per Click

“The way you all have worked with us to help scale Facebook for individual store campaigns has been ideal. Working with you and Commander has allowed us to create quick-turn campaigns with a good variety of platforms and budgets. The franchisees love being able to have a campaign that is all their own, and the structured flexibility helps our large field marketing team easily plan and manage campaigns. We see a strong return from Facebook, and will continue to recommend it to franchisees!”

Brittany Aubert

Midas Senior Account Executive, Moroch Partners

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