Use Science, Set Higher Goals in Your Brand’s Digital Marketing

Chances are there is untapped potential in your digital marketing strategy. Evolving data science can enable you to tap that potential.

We offer consulting and development projects to help big brand clients navigate complicated marketing attribution problems. We bring considerable digital advertising experience and a strong foundation in the practical applications of data science. We also understand and attend to all the operational issues that are part of achieving desired results at scale. Our objective is to allow your KPI’s to be more ambitious. Your expectations from the past can be easily surpassed with scientifically informed usage of the best capabilities of today’s leading digital platforms.

Get Specific

Get Specific: Your data becomes most valuable when it is cleansed and normalized. That’s what makes it “big” in practical terms. We know how to manage all the steps of preparing your data, and we have developed and proved tools that have delivered exceptional returns for a variety of brands and business cases. We understand the digital marketing landscape because we are active participants in it. Our leadership team can rightfully claim experience in this arena even prior to the widespread adoption of the Internet. We are thought leaders and market shapers for ever evolving technologies.

Embrace Complexity

Embrace Complexity: We comprehend the human-machine issues of digital marketing distributed across hundreds or thousands of nodes such as franchisees, dealers, and distributors. We know the limitations of native tools available from the platform companies, and we can provide smart technical guidance to allow you to shift as much of the work as possible from the human to the machine. Doing so makes even smaller projects economically viable and able to be accomplished without error, and aggregating them to “move the needle” becomes a routine process instead of a challenge.

Execution at Scale

Execution at Scale: The more clout your brand has, the more you will be attuned to the advantages of scale. We can equip you to buy smarter, optimize, A/B test, target, and deliver your best creative where it will get the maximum attention. The customer-facing side of scale must be complemented by the back-end, including such everyday issues as tracking cost centers and payment responsibilities where multiple units or channel partners may be collaborating. The infrastructure must be able to turn attribution from a notion into a measurement and allow you the benefit of that critical data. Each step in execution builds on the prior steps, and we prepare you for all of those steps.

Develop Technology

Develop Technology: We do more than just give advice. We are also makers and builders. We are analysts. We are operators. We are practicing scientists and engineers. We are marketers. We can augment our recommendations with tools for action as needed. We have demonstrated through our companion managed services unit the ability to be selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner by virtue of the sheer volume of ads we have been pushing through their API. Our location in Austin gives us great access to a deep well of creative and technology talent, and we can meet your needs in that respect.  

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