Facebook Dominates

This recent article from Business Insider talks about Facebook’s soon having four platforms with more than a Billion users each. Instagram alone has attracted 1 Million advertisers in only about eighteen months since it began accepting them.

Why are we focused on the family of Facebook properties? We’re listening to the data, and it is telling us that we are just at the dawn of unlocking the full potential of this network. Facebook has its own army of software developers, and just keeping abreast of their new offerings is no small task. The bigger they get and the more we exercise their platforms at ever increasing scale, the more valuable our managed services become. We’ve talked about permutations in an earlier post, and they are growing exponentially with each major campaign we handle.

In that light, we have made conscious decisions to confine our attention to Facebook, to work closely with them through our Marketing Partnership, and to deliver the best possible return to our advertisers from this channel. We complement FB data with troves of other sources including geo targeting and information supplied by our clients. We often work with agencies or alongside other services that handle Google ads, for example, but we believe that each dollar or hour we spend on improving our core strength is better for our clients than our diversifying across other platforms. For large companies that use multiple digital channels, we can always feed our performance into a consolidated dashboard that helps their overall planning and measurement.

According to a May 2 chart by Venture Scanner, Automation Software is the most active area for investment and M&A in the marketing technology sector. That tells us there’s much for us to accomplish by advancing our development of automation for FB at scale. The areas most valued by financial sources are the ones that are likely to create the best products and services for advertisers.

The importance of this to our clients is our ability to execute the full cycle of a FB advertising campaign no matter the scale or complexity.  We’ve displayed that cycle in our previous posts as well. But, it’s not just the glamorous aspects of creative, targeting, and continuous A/B testing that matter. At the end of the day, the more mundane issues of monitoring comments and billing reconciliation are important to the overall results. Comments can go awry and create ill will in what is supposed to be a happy promotional setting; they can’t be left untended. And, very often we find costs shared between the home office and either franchisees or franchisee co-ops. Somebody has to figure out how that cost gets divvied up at the end of the day. In our case, this work is a routine byproduct of our basic automated services, not a painful spreadsheet chore for an advertiser.

In summation, we are single-mindedly riding the proven winner in return on ad spend, and, for your benefit, we invite you along for that ride.

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