Direct-to-Consumer CPG Demand Generation

We advise and execute for CPG challenger brands who want to quickly grow demand in a constantly changing market. If you want to grow sales without increasing your headcount, our trusted, credentialed experts provide proven, managed services, supported by powerful ad technology.

We Help CPG Brands Get More Sales With E-Commerce Ads

Managed Services

  • Grow revenue, profits and trial customers; quickly grow demand: both leads and sales.
  • Quickly launch new digital campaigns and offers with flexible ad execution
  • Advice on best practices based on CPG experience plus quick answers and solutions helped by our direct partnerships with Google and Facebook
  • Flexible service plans that fit growing brands to help you keep overhead down due to payroll and headcount limitations
  • Slick, easy-to-understand, custom dashboards and reporting

Why Polygraph Media?

  • Experience growing demand: both lead and sales
  • Ecommerce experience tracking and growing sales
  • Trusted, credentialed experts with partnerships directly with Google and Facebook
  • Best practices from helping over 300 clients
  • World-class experience: experts with background in CPG and health, plus PR experience for the FDA
  • CPG clients: Chloraseptic, Pediacare, CLUE Bar, Leprino Foods, Nutragen, Beano, Clear Eyes, Luden’s and more

We’re Credentialed and Trusted On These Ad Platforms

Google & YouTube

As a Google Partner, we work closely with Google marketing and development teams to deliver clients the latest, greatest tactics for the biggest possible results. And check out the size of our deck.

Polygraph helped Maggiano’s run their first locally-oriented carryout advertising campaign for Valentine’s Day, resulting in 46% more affordable awareness and a 4.72 ROAS (return on ad spend). Subsequent carryout campaigns have been even more successful.

Facebook & Instagram

As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, we collaborate with them on launching and optimizing ad campaigns for clients like McDonald’s, Planet Fitness and Midas.

Polygraph has empowered Moroch and Six Flags to deliver over 3 billion impressions, 11 million link clicks and a 14x return on ad spend. Specific campaigns produce as much revenue as 200x the ad spend; in the most recent year, we made the ads 15% more profitable.

Amazon Advertising

Having been in the Amazon ad game since 2015, we partner with agencies and Amazon Sellers to drive high-quality traffic, boost revenue
and optimize profits.

Polygraph has partnered with LSC Communications to launch, grow and optimize multiple well-known book publishers’ Amazon advertising, results in ad-costs-per-sale as low as 6% – 19%, beating the industry average of 30% cost per sale.

Our Track Record

Successful Campaigns


Accuracy Rate

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Hurry Up, Let’s Blow Out E-Commerce!

Hurry Up, Let’s Blow Out E-Commerce!

As we all consider the short and long-term impacts of COVID, one thing resonates from almost all client conversations we have had. “It’s time to blow out e-commerce!” As you can see in the chart below, e-commerce penetration in the United States grew as much in March...